Monday, 26 November 2007

Our man in Hawaii - Josef Ajram - 7th in Ultraman 2007

He's done it after 3 long days that I don't think any of us could even imagine. Congratulations Josef - where did you get that hat?

Josef ran the double marathon, on day 3, in 8 hours 36 minutes. Unbelievable.

Enjoy the holiday!

Fueled by Mulebars Rich and JP knock off a new route, the Chilcas Direct in the Andes....

The normal route is a stunning five day adventure through one of the most beautiful areas of Chile to Descabezado Grande, just west of Talca. Condors, waterfalls, volcanos, snow, ice, thermal springs, mountain lakes and streams all typify this area of the Andes, which needs at least two weeks or longer to do it justice. Unfortunately we had a long weekend. So, armed with a nosebag of Mulebars, Juan Pablo Casas and Richard Cochrane headed off on a 95km climb, over three days, with 4,000m of vertical ascent, via a new route (Chilcas Direct) to top out in perfect weather on Saturday 24th November. To celebrate we enjoyed a couple of Pinacoladas, which helped the rapels back down the rock step. Alex this one was for you after you first introduced me to Chilcas six years ago. Check out the Chilcas and Oveja Negra wines you got me started on
Cheers. Burro

P.S. Enjoy the pics (come back tomorrow and see them) as Mulebar goes back to its routes.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Josef Ajram - Ultraman update

Incredible. Just got news that Josef came 3rd in the bike leg yesterday, after coming 7th the day before. He has now swum 10km, ridden 145km the first day; and then ridden 267 km in 8 hrs 37 - not bad

His full ride details yesterday:

Total distance: 267 km

Time: 8h15 minutes

Av speed: 32'7 km

Calories consumed: 7200

Positive height gained: 2500 metros.

Average heart rate: 136

full pix and further update at

So, Josef's done 2/3 of the race, "only" a double marathon to go.