Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mountain Mayhem - Army Cycling Union

The Army Cycling Union entered two male teams, a mixed team and one solo rider into Mountain Mayhem 2008. The results achieved are below:

ACU A – 16th out of 248 (Mens Open)
ACU B – 57th out of 248 (Mens Open)
ACU Mixed – 9th out of 148
Solo – 29th out of 122

Many thanks to MuleBar who fuelled all of the Army teams through this epic 24hour mountain bike event.

The course was superb with some technical sections and a couple of gruelling climbs at the outset. The event noticeably changed after darkness fell and the rain started. This transformed the course from a rideable, enjoyable course with some good, technical singletrack into a muddy disaster zone reminiscent of WW1 trench warfare!
As the sun came up, the windspeed also rose, causing havoc with the tented village but with the benefit of drying out the course and allowing some quick and enjoyable laps once again towards the end of the 24 hours.

The Army Cycling Union had a prime spot, right on the edge of the course, towards the start of the lap. This enabled us to support, heckle and generally enjoy the event in the knowledge that all the competitors would be coming past our camp regularly.
Sadly the A team just lost out to the RAF in the Services Cup but the Mixed and B team managed to beat the other 3 RAF teams proving that the Army team have real depth to the squad.

Particular mention must go to Maz who managed 13 laps solo (mental) and Matt who had done very little mountain biking previously and had certainly never raced but stepped into the B team at the last moment due to a last minute drop-out.

Many thanks to Mule Bar, see you at “Are You Tough Enough” this weekend and looking forward (?) to the TransWales in August!

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