Friday, 4 July 2008

Microsoft UK Challenge

Mule, Jules, competed in the tough four day Microsoft UK Challenge in Sterling last month.
Over the four days, teams from companies like Microsoft, Dell and Lloyds TSB undergo physical as well as mental challenges to accumulate the lowest overall score.
Challenger World
The three Dell teams came in 19th, 30th and 57th out of 116 teams.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Planet Mule

Martyn Jones - The Start of his Tour campaign

And so, nearly at the start line as I write this morning. Long couple of days getting down to Brest via Portsmouth - Roscof on the ferry. Underestimated the effects on a trained body! I'm travelling like bad wine off the bike!
Brest isn't quite the romantic Tour de France stage start you might imagine, in fact its rather ugly, has a traffic/road planning system that makes Milton Keynes seem simple. Still, went out for a quick spin yesterday just to loosen up and noticed the pro team buses and publicity vehicles arriving for this evenings presentation in the centre of Brest - about 100m from where we are about to leave!
Weather clear abd breezy this morning after raining heavily last night and still feels changeable so we'll see.
Too much anticipation on my part left me with a total 1hr 45 mins sleep last night - just couldn't rest the brain. Perhaps I can get away with that today but can't afford to have too many nights like that. Decent hotel breakfast this morning at 6.45 am starting a pattern of what will need to be very consistent eating and drinking along the route - nothing out of the ordinary - ate croissants, yoghurt, ham, boiled eggs and cereal washed down with fruit juice and black coffee. I leave the table well fed but not bloated. Within an hour of riding I will begin eating again starting with some mulebars aswell as ever present carbohydrate drink (some 750ml or more per hour).
Keen get out of Brest now and leave the start behind - as soon as I cross the local 'old' bridge I'm into the BRETON countryside and can get into a rythm and begin heading South...

Monday, 30 June 2008

Le Tour - watch out July 3rd

Martyn Jones' long training period come to an end on July 3rd when he starts his campaign to ride the route of the Tour de France.

Follow his route via his blog

Army Cycling Union - Are you Tough Enough?

Team MuleBar tough it out at the first Army Cycling Union MTB Enduro event.
Location: Deepcut, Surrey. Who: 400 + racers. Official Energy Bar supplier: You guessed it.

The first ACU enduro was a resounding success (even without the caterers!) with three more races being planned for 2009.
The course was a tough one. Sandy, loose singletrack. Short sharp descents and ascents. Perimeter fences with the sound of rifle fire. You name it, it was there.

Please have a look at their website

Fashion guru, Jimmy, still at the forefront of eyeware trends....