Friday, 12 September 2008

Two days to go until the world mountain running trophy

Well what a season, a week in fiji, 2nd at NZ mountain running nationals, 4th at world long course mountain running champs in UK, 5th in grand prix one - switzerland, 2nd in grand prix two - italy, 1st in the mt blanc half marathon, 1st female team in the salomon MountainX adventure race - france, 4th in grand prix three - austria, 2nd in grand prix four - austria - which has put me in first place in the Grand Prix series with one race to go in slovenija...fingers crossed i can hang on! plus various other welsh and english fell and mountain running adventures, and now im sitting in a hotel in sitzerland after a week camping in france with gil. its two days to go until the world mountain running trophy. the course is not going to be my favourite...a lot of running in villages and road, flats bits and downhill bits. but there are some steep bits that ill just have to slog it out!!! im feeling good and will be happy to just get running, im the only nz female which is a bit of a shame but ill try my best to wear the fern to success.
lots of hugs, anna

Nature is our prime source of energy. Here we are always free. Our playground...with just one limit...our own.

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Anna Frost

Monday, 8 September 2008

What people say about MuleBar

Come on! We want to hear it. We want feedback on what you think about your MuleBar.
We just realised that we have a growing collection of quotes and thoughts from people and almost all are great.

Here's one from a guy I met at Eurobike. Thanks Pascal!

"I ate the bar right off. I was starving. It was good. Like an old cake my mum used to make. You feel like it is doing good right off. For a racing cyclist....moist enough not to have to chew and chew and have it extract any saliva you have in the mouth. I nearly ate the wrapper!"
That was Pascal from Carbon Kingdom - check out his site and his bikes and his tours