Friday, 17 October 2008

"The Walk of Life"

Devon route, "The Walk of Life" has been climbed by James Pearson.
The grade? E12 7a.

Read about it here.

I want to see how many people love/loathe this....!

One of our valued customers, Simon, sent us an image of what he had done with a Pinacolada MuleBar.

"I've attached a couple of shots of a marzipan enhanced pinacolada bar with moist cherry action for the blog.
It tasted mighty fine - the perfect pre and post ride desert. Does it need custard? I'll think about that."

Dusk and Dawn

(Not a new boy band)

Shaggy - Dazeoftundra -

Rumour has it, this man will ride for beer! Cheers Shaggy. Look forward to catching up soon and enjoy the bars.
Shaggy is riding the Iditarod Trail, watch the film, it's great.

Anyway, Jimmy bumped into Shaggy at the Cycle Show (check these pix out for great bike stuff, courtesy of the Singletrack guys) and Shaggy very kindly wrote us up:

After that I ran in to Jimmy from Mule Bar. I originally met him, and Alex, at the TransScotland. At that stage, they were some of those guys pushing a new product that they really believed in but hadn't taken off yet. Thankfully, unlike most of *those* people, they had a really good product. This year they had a new Apple Strudel flavour, which is my new favorite. Although the PiƱa colada is still right up there!

Cheers Shaggy and good luck in the cold.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

'My first cx race on the Cotic road rat'

Crossing over.....

Having just put together a cotic cyclo cross bike for the winter to train and commute on, enjoying the 'go pretty much anywhere' feeling of the new steed, the idea of actually using the bike for its intended purpose of riding cyclo cross had entered my mind. After all, the sun was shining at the weekend and the event was local - Ashton Court. Something to do on a warm October Sunday morning.

Many of the local riders had turned up, having dug out their winter cyclo cross machines, and of course the dedicated cross racers were there, sporting their lightweight bikes, warming up around the track. I just tucked into a MULE bar. There was a healthy field of 45 riders for the senior event (seniors/vets/female) chatting away as we lined up. Hush descended as the countdown began. The starting pace was somewhat quicker than I was used to! The start of a 12 hour solo race is a more sedate affair. Surely we can't keep this pace up for the full hour?! Apparently we do!! The field strung out at he first climb, avoiding bottlenecks at the first wooded section. I was up at the front until my chain jumped off after the running section, causing chain suck. I had to stop and deal with it, losing vital places and momentum in the first few minutes. Pushing hard in anger, I tried regaining as many places as possible, but I had twisted the chain causing the gears to jump every pedal revolution.

The course was short n sharp, 2km of short climbs, fast flat sections and wooded trails. It felt like I had been thrown back to my early days of riding trails, with rigid forks and cantilever brakes, which just do not work! And with the added instability of riding drops. It was like learning to ride again, having got used to fat tyres and suspension.

The last lap hurt the legs, alot, but I had managed to claw back some of the places, finishing in 5th position. I felt like I had had a good workout, and the awesome weather helped no end. Do this in the middle of winter when the rain is lashing down and the trails have reverted back to muddy bogs? Oh yes! It was great fun and after all it is only an hour. A single MULE bar was enough to keep the engine going.

Team Mud Dock/MULE bar

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Them crazy Catalans!

Rodri Sprinsteen, Carlos (The beast) Roura, Tomas and Poochy! went a climbin' last weekend up above Queralps and Nuria. Not bad boys: 5 peaks in a morning. let's hear the full story....

Monday, 13 October 2008

Rachel Atherton luvs MuleBars...

World champion downhill racer Rachel cramming in 2 MuleBars at the Cycle Show, Earls Court last weekend