Friday, 12 December 2008

Sahara Race 2008

Mule, Stuart Lotherington, took part in the ultra-tough Sahara Race 2008 in October. 4 marathons in 4 days.... read more...

"Well the race is a smaller field (165) than the Marathon Des Sable (600+) but over the same region and similar distance.
It was a truly amazing experience made all the more humbling racing with 25 other nationalities from ages of 17 to 73 including a Korean competitor who was blind!
It was an amazing way to see the landscape and despite the heat the constant breeze on most days kept the sweat down and made it bearable.
Running the 4 marathons in 4 days was ok and blister damage was kept to a minimum as a result of using specific desert running shoes. The real challenge was the 100km day on day 5! Then again running through the dessert night with a sky lit up with stars was truly amazing.
I have to say the organisation and support was fantastic and the final day running past the pyramids to pick up the biggest medal I have ever seen finished the trip wonderfully. I ran as part of a team and we came second team overall!"

Fantastic result guys. Absolutley amazing.

Rocky road on route to Bristol International...

.... somewhere near Cheddar Gorge.

and an unidentified leg, somewhere in Wiltshire.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Challenger World

This week three teams of Airbus staff are winging their way to Cyprus in an attempt to defend their title as winners of the Challenger World Competition (, an event often referred to as the "Corporate Olympics" due to it's demanding physical and mental nature. This year they are fuelling themselves on, you guessed it, Mule bars.
Teams from all around the world qualify for this event as a culmination of a years worth of gruelling heats, held as far apart as Singapore, New York and German. Two Airbus teams qualified through the Microsoft UK Challenge held in Stirling this June, while the remaining team gained entry by winning last years final in Nice. Over Friday and Saturday they are at the organisers whim, but expect to be cross-country running, mountain biking, canoeing and orienteering while having to solve tough puzzles at the same time!
Long term Mule Bar fan, John "Shaggy" Ross (, an Engineer and member of the defending World Champion team said "Going for our 5th straight World Title in such a competitive event is a tremendous feat. This year is the first that we've had 3 teams from Airbus in the final, so we hope to surpass our previous high achievements- that's not easy as we were first and second last year! Obviously it's great to have you Mule's providing our bars. The only problem is having to hold off eating the bars until Friday: the Apple Strudel is a new favourite"
Results will be uploaded here as they happen: