Friday, 6 February 2009

Who's goofing off today?

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Who's giving the BMC UK Racing team a Kick?

Mulebar Strudels in Belgium.

On the 23rd of January the Masters Cyclocross World Championships took place as they always do, just outside of Mol in Belgium. You can enter in the year of your thirtieth birthday and as such I must have been one of, if not the youngest there. The legendary Mick Ives has done it so many times that he no longer fits into any of the age categories and has to race “with the youngsters” in the over-60’s!!

My race was the last of the day so I had plenty of time to recce the course and survey the sand. Mol is famed for its’ massive beach section which involves hitting soft sand (about 10” deep) for about 100yds, turning onto the firm sand, sprinting along the water line before exiting through more deep sand –chaos reigned supreme. The gridding is totally random as numbers are pulled out of a hat and where you are gridded often dictates where you will end up in the race (so I am told).

The race screamed away from the start at a blistering pace before turning onto the sand where absolute carnage ensued. Only the leaders could commit to riding the whole of the initial section while the rest of us had to make do with running. Some hit the sand and went straight over the bars while others fell mid-dismount. Plenty fell while running but I had done plenty of running training and managed to keep my wits about me enough to stay upright. By the time I hit the firm sand, the leaders had already exited the whole beach and were eating up the singletrack that made up the rest of the course.

A slick-looking Italian came past me as we strung out and I buried myself to stay with him. From thereon in, he had me up against the ropes on anything but the sandy sections where I would claw him back or indeed come past him. And this was how the rest of our race was to play out with other riders joining and leaving us (mostly backwards) until the final lap where, in my fatigued state I made some uncharacteristic mistakes on a technical section, allowing the group to ride away from me. Over the course of the rest of the lap I could see the gap coming down and as we piled towards the pit area I buried myself deeper into the hurt-bag than I have ever known. Tunnel-vision started to set in and I could hear every Brit in the pits screaming my name. On exiting the pits there was a set of two hurdles and all it took was for my adversaries to stall for a fraction of a second and I flowed past on the outside of them in textbook style! This did mean that I hit the tarmac run-up to the finish line first, leaving myself no option but to lead out the final sprint. Elbows bristled as the Italian drew alongside but the finish line came just in time as we both threw monumental BMX-style lunges. Me 21st, him 22nd!

Sunday involved racing in WIlrijk round a 19th century fort. For anyone who has yet to experience it, racing in Belgium is unlike anything you will come across in the UK. Even at League level, there must have been 1000 people spectating and there were beer tents, cafes and food tents galore, not to mention the droves of motor homes and equipment.

We will be back!


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Mule Si Panter with the bit between his teeth

Whyte Winter Series Round three - A very frisky tenth place....

The winners of the world mt running grand prix. - Mule sponsored Anna Frost and Jono Wyatt

French Mules on the ski slopes

Taken by our French distributor in the slightly snowier location of the Alps!

Mules hit Colmenar north of Malaga...

More pics and report coming soon from sunny Andalusia...

Early morn' on the Odstock Drove... Lovely innit?

Monday, 2 February 2009

At Amaro Bikes.....

News for TCR Show 2009

Pepe, Eneko Llanos, Steve Hed and Marcel Zamora in the A2 Wind Tunnel in San Diego. Amongst other things, Marcel has won Nice Ironman for the last 3 straight years and Eneko was second at the Hawaii World Cup and second in Germany to the great Macca as well as being a previous World Xterra Champion.
That is a seriously fast bunch of Mules!
Watch this space for news on these guys very soon.
Come and see us this weekend on stand A23 at TCR Show in Sandown Park

The Mules made it to the Stable this morning....

Mule at the Core Bike Show last weekend