Monday, 16 February 2009

valentine mule with Matt (badger) Carr

As my training steps up for the new season, i decided to do a bit of all night party action with the help of mule bars! Started with an amazing valentine meal with my hot girlfriend Rosie. Then after a bit of loving we decided to go out to a party, its already midnight by this point but with a call to the troops and a hand full of mule bars we were off. Great party with everyone dressed up in the valentine theme and as per normal i had a bit to much to drink, but hay ho. We danced our merry socks off till 7am and found out in a real sciencey way that mule bars are so much better at keeping you dancing all night than say rum and also meant we didn't have the normal greasy burger on the way home so it meant we could get back to the valentine celabrations
Bring it on
p.s drunk people think pinacolada is the best flavour
sorry i don't have photos, as i lost my camera
see ya soon