Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Perfect 10!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Titan has landed

Children’s Hospice South West

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for your email…John completed his challenge of running 110 miles between our two hospices in 30 hours, leaving Little Bridge House in North Devon at 1pm on 29 April and arriving at Charlton Farm in North Somerset at 7.00pm on 30 April.

John had nearly 100 runners join him across the region and most did more than they had planned as people were so keen to stick with him! It was a truly remarkable event, in turns inspiring, excruciating, exhilarating and overwhelming…we still can’t quite believe he completed the challenge! It was very emotional and moving for all involved.

Thank you and all at Fuel for Adventure for the donation of Mule Bars for the event. I am pleased to say that they went down a storm with everyone, especially our seasoned runners who were raving and have taken your info so you may find that ahead of big events and challenges you get some orders! There wasn’t a single bar left and they really did keep everyone going, especially through the night time legs which were especially difficult!

We’ll be sending our supporters final thank yous detailing how much John’s incredible event raised as you have played a huge part in making sure that every penny of sponsorship goes towards the hospice – thank you for that and for being every step of the way with John and the runners – your bars went down a treat!!! J

We will soon be adding pictures from all of the legs onto the website so you can see first hand a glimpse of the event but John’s justgiving site has the picture of him crossing the finish line – a truly remarkable moment! (

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

iROC Adventure Race

Mule, Anna Frost's take on her latest race:

"An adventure race with 6 stages and points to race for.
It was a brilliant weekend for family and friends, with a variety of events and distances for all to enjoy.
The field was perfect for camping, the hot food caravans provided amazing energy foods and drinks and the marquee was cranking with a local band playing the latest covers and beer being served.
First up the 14km fell race. After months of not racing in the fells my legs were in shock as we headed straight through the mud and up a steep bank. We climbed up and up, over rough trails and moor lands before dropping into the quarry, down some paddocks to finish the first loop and then begin the second shorter loop back up another steep hill (which was to be climbed another 3-4 times over the weekend) to the forest path that we weaved in and out around and around and down to the finish. I finished 1st in the female category and 13th overall. Round 1: That was definitely a reminder on how tough fell racing really is and how much strength I have to gain back after time off the fells.
Next up, 7.30pm, a 1hour orienteering score format race. With slightly tired legs, and baked beans gurgling around in my tummy we set of up the hill, again, to search in all the ditched and high points for the check points. The beautiful long evenings made for great views over the moors and no need for the head torches...yet...
9.30pm, Time to gulp down a mule bar and change of mode to the bike. A quick night time trial. With head torches locked on we set off in 3minute intervals in small groups of 4-5. Through the mud we charged off to the hill climb. This was a time to not be I found out as my light started to flicker out. Luckily my adopted cousin Marcus was there to be my saviour as I fumbled around what seemed like a month to change my batteries. Then came the forest downhill on narrow trails and some quite steep drop offs where I was once again left for dead as I climbed off my bike and ran down the hill...pathetic I know.

11pm, last race of the day. A 10km fell race. We set off up the hill, again, with the band booming in the back ground, and the magical peace of running at night time. The two challenging loops and the downhill forest section were fantastic even though the legs were now completely knackered. Finishing 1st female and this time 8th overall.
Solid sleep followed and even a chance to sleep in before we geared up for the 4hour mountain bike enduro race which consisted of 2 loops which had to be done in order as many times as possible. I got to my 7th lap in about 3.30hours and decided that I was quite happy to call it a day and get my well deserved giant chocolate muffin.

After a super weekend I even gained a 3rd place finish just to top it off.
A highly recommended race for all levels of fitness, and perfect for friends and families to have an active weekend out."

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Mules at the Gorrick 100

A tough day in the saddle for Team Strudel at the Gorrick 100, which turned out to be 120kms!
Fastest Mule was Nick Stacey 17th, 06:18:14. Damian Sell 21th, 06:24:20. Julian Jordan 39th, 06:49:52. Bad luck Bill for destroying another bike!

Neolithic Marathon

Mule, Tim, in his own words and images:

"Totally fantastic, slightly uncomfortable run to Stonehenge!! A definite for next year and any time that the M.O.D. allow runners and riders access.

Set off slowly, conditions bright but bloody chilly up on the Plain...Decided to carry a couple of litres of water, a camera, car keys and phone and of course a chocolate & Fig Mule Bar!! Taped to the front straps of my North Face Dog Fish pack.
The sun blasted us at about 10k and I drank loads...betting that there would be some suffering among some competitors...No let up and the steady pace proved the right choice for me...Some hills at about ten miles were nasty and my big mistake was choosing to wear my fav' Inov 8 Mud Roc trail shoes...thinking that after heavy rain in the early hours the going would require grip...wrong...It was dry and flinty throughout. I felt each and every stone towards the end.
I opened up the MULE at 9miles and ate it in three stages....Guess what? I had the same kick as I felt that first time when crossing the farmers field!!
Crossed the with a grin on my face in a tad over 2hours...Distance ...possibly over 14miles but I am happy with that...I only did two, two mile fast training sessions against the clock and one one hour run in the last month...The rest of the time I am bleating about the lack of PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK in the area..
Thanks to all at MULE...I'm planning something wacky for the summer...Next trip will be coastal run with a bit of kayaking in Wales next Half Term...It's going to be a good year.
Cheers Tim"

Sunday, 3 May 2009