Friday, 29 May 2009


Absolutely awesome Champions league final and if you've been around in Barca for the last couple of days, it's a happy city I can tell you.

Found this great pic - and how's this for a longwinded way of getting it - someone took off the Tv, in Portland Oregon., posted on their blog....anyway, here's a great picture to celbaret Barca's win and Messi's little masterpiece

Check out Portland Design Works gear, that's where I found the pic. Nice grips and a 1% For the Planet Member

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

BIg G 7th!! in Solo( Apology to Graham, I reported 8th earlier, those places come hard over 12 hours) 8800calories - how many Mulebars was that?!

...... with whippet offspring Nick, one quarter of the winning Strudel Team

Monday, 25 May 2009

Going down well.... the Singletrack Forum

More set2rise stuff

The cool Mexicans night time riding gear...
A family Mule... Vicky, Jacob and Ian (Team Pinacolada)
Zippy B Back the DJ... before it all kicks off

Early years support mini Mules Jacob and Ava
Early hours support....
The Mexicans, on singlespeeds!!... beating Mule Team Pinacolada into 8th place -

The WINNERS - set2rise

The Strudels - Nick C, Nick S, Baggy and Damo - The WINNING TEAM!
Very nearly first - the Army A and B team came in 2nd and 3rd
Sam of Charge Bikes takes first place for Solos with an astonishing 17 laps... Check out the prize.
Legend Mule Steve Day riding to a 3rd in Solo Single speed + no suspension!

Not just a picnic....

Mule Stacey(Nick) layed out after the dawn rocket lap that sealed victory for the Strudels clawing back a 59 second deficit to a 50 second....
Like father, like son - Big G (Graham Stacey) going it solo into 7th!! place - caught napping at 2am
Mule Baggy (Bill) after a blisstering early dawn lap
Mule Coley(Nick) kept alive with the bar just before the death hour.... (3am)
Sam of Charge Bikes after completing his heroic 17lap Solo victory

Sunday, 24 May 2009