Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another wicked result for the Stacey Mules in the 12 hour solo Bristol!

Big G' Stacey 4th in Vets and Nick 8th overall....... kickin mules...

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Transvesubienne - Tommy's view - 'Nino Schurter wins marathon freeride classic

The "Transvesubienne" is a classic in marathon freeride racing.
3000 meters of climbing and 4500 meters of descending on partly
severe trails are waiting for the riders who compete in this event
that finishes on the sand beach in the middle of Nizza in France.
A tough task even for someone like Nino Schurter. Never before he
entered a competition that takes 6 hours plus. The race is part of
the "Mega Avalanche" series and has a high status in freeride
racing. Even Olympic champion Julien Absalon was at the start line.
Unlike the past world cup races it was Nino that crossed the line
before him winning the Transvesubienne after three flat tires in 6
hours and 12 minutes. At the end it was a tough call. Loosing some
air in his tire, second rider Francoise Bailly closed the gap down
to a minute. Julien Absalon finished 48 minutes later in 8th place.
Nino's big help winning this trophy is the SCOTT Genius. The super
light bike with its 150mm of travel was the key to success. 3 SCOTT
Genius bikes in the top 4 is proof enough!
Even this is a huge victory for Nino he is not going to change
disciplines. "Marathon racing is way to tough" he was saying.

Tunes for Adventure is alive and kicking!

Message: Hi,

At the recent set2rise race in Erlestoke, some great music was coming from
the Mulebar tent. Any idea what it was?? It really got me motivated to
keep riding (or maybe it was the almost continuous rounds of mulebar...)
and I'd like to know where/how I can get hold of it.



Thanks Mike and big thanks to Zippy B Back the 'jock