Saturday, 4 July 2009

Pass'Portes du Soleil

Switzerland and France in a day
The official energy bar....

Sara, Mulebar French distributor
and dirty Mule at the PassPortes
Expo in Morzine, centre of the action...
Jess the cook, Mule model and rider from FlowMTB
Will from Newcastle Uni cycling team - running on Mule...

Mulebar competition
Strudel on top of the world...

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Count Down to the Road Trip

Saab Salomon Mule, Anna, in her own words:

Count Down to the Road Trip

5 sleeps before I set off to Bordeaux and then south to find Gilbert and our van somewhere on the coast of Spain/France (it could be anywhere)

We will then have a couple of days of being surfy bums before heading for the mountains for the start of our European mountain running season. First up will hopefully be the Lake Annecy Relay race, followed by a week altitude training in the dolomites and all going well to Slovenia for the 2nd Grand Prix. Fingers Crossed.

All set up with nothing to put in it...yet

Gil has done a superb job of fitting our van with shelves and a cooker unit.


The last 2 weeks have been a bit frustrating as progress on my knee seems to have come to a halt and I am now in a bit more pain more often…so I have gone back to basics…ICE, ICE, ICE and rest! Lets hope it will miraculously get better and I will instantly get super fit!

Have fun in the sun, Anna.

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Waiting to see what time Marcel Batlle and Pepe come in at.


08:31 A new record!
Marcel Zamora Perez just set a new course record here at Ironman France - his 8:30:06 beat his old course record by almost three minutes.


07:54 One loop to go for Zamora Perez
And his lead is now 7:23 over Herve Faure.

Unless he folds, Marcel Zamora Perez appears to be well on his way to winning a fourth straight title here in Nice.

Ironman France, Nice

07:09 Chabaud back in the mix for a podium spot
At the halfway point of the run, Chabaud has joined with Faure - the two are now third and fourth.

Here are the splits for the first four men:
Marcel ZAMORA PEREZ (#1) is in the lead, followed by:
* Olivier MARCEAU (#5) at 2:42
* Hervé FAURE (#2) at 3:30
* François CHABAUD (#7) at 3:30

07:05 The men through 20 km
Marcel ZAMORA PEREZ (#1) continues to pull away. Coming towards the end of the second loop, he's now well ahead of the next two on the course.

Behind him are:
* Olivier MARCEAU (#5) at 2:50
* Hervé FAURE (#2) at 3:30



06:26 Faure gains time, too
Through the first loop of the run, here are the first three men:

Olivier MARCEAU (#5) is in the lead, followed by:
* Marcel ZAMORA PEREZ (#1) at 2:10
* Hervé FAURE (#2) at 3:50


Ironman France - splits at the end of the bike

05:49 The splits at the end of the bike
1 (1) MARCEAU Olivier 5 MPRO SUI BIKE 180 FINISH 05:41:03 00:00:00
2 (2) BILLEAU Simon 8 MPRO FRA BIKE 180 FINISH 05:45:49 00:04:46
3 (3) FAURE Hervé 2 MPRO FRA BIKE 180 FINISH 05:46:29 00:05:26
4 (4) CHABAUD François 7 MPRO FRA BIKE 180 FINISH 05:46:44 00:05:41
5 (5) ZAMORA PEREZ Marcel 1 MPRO ESP BIKE 180 FINISH 05:46:49 00:05:46
6 (6) GALINDEZ Oscar 3 MPRO ARG BIKE 180 FINISH 05:46:55 00:05:52

Come on Marcel - big run needed!

Strudel in the meadow..

Nice Ironman update

Here are the splits:
Olivier MARCEAU (#5) remains in front. Behind him:
* Marcel ZAMORA PEREZ (#1) at 6:08
* François CHABAUD (#7) at 6:19
* Marcus ORNELLAS (#9) at 6:19
* Simon BILLEAU (#8) at 6:19
* Oscar GALINDEZ (#3) at 7 minutes



Zamora's back!
Today's Nice Ironman, and Marcel Zamora from Barcelona goes for number 4 in a row! That is extraordinary.
Race commentary has put him like this as he is just into the bike leg...

As he always seems to do, Marcel Zamora Perez has made his move on the first of the big climbs of the bike course. At the top of the Col de l'Ecre the race has changed dramatically.

Look out for Pepe Navarro and Marcel Batlle