Saturday, 8 August 2009

They're off!

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The Mules arrive at a sunny Sleepless..

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mule Pete Turnbull chomps his way through the Transalp... 9th individual finisher

Big Bike Bash

Iron Man UK

One of our Mules, Helen, in her own words. Images to follow!

What can I say except I'm still pinging from IM UK!

For an alternative approach to Ironman here goes:

Swim was choppy, mucky, (maybe gave you the dodgy tummy Tobes?!!) and quite a bun fight, but I managed to find a large walrus type, orange-eyed lady who bazoocered her way through bless her, while I tried to tag on behind! Lost her on the last lap and found a nice old chap who pulled me along at a good pace. It was rather bizarre as he would suddenly stop to empty out his goggles and this Chinese bloke would plough into me as he was obviously doing the same!! This happened about three times before woohoo I made it out!!!!! I was sooooo happy! Up the steep route to T1 and all my extremities had turned blue, so there was only one thing for it… a sit down and a nice cup of tea from my thermos! The girls in the ladies change area were lovely and we ended up having a great tea party of food and chatter, till finally 20 MINS, yes 20MINS later when I could feel my fingers, it was time for a bike ride!

The ride was awesome – I loved the hills as the spectators had lined the banks and you could just blast your way up with their support. What a feeling. Bike went like a king and all was in for a comfy sub 7 ride till they ran out of water at the top of the hill on the last lap. A nice guy gave me his last swig but I was pretty empty till the next 12 mile stop where they had run out too!!! I was incredulous and fuzzy in the head. That was it, I was desperate. I made it to a pub and literally just rode up to a table and asked for water, and this lady gave me her bike bottle. I did the same at the next pub – the locals were lifesavers, but it was just too long without water. Rode on feeling really strange, legs were strong but I was just light, flat and a bit not there. Honestly thought of all the Salisbury lot on my side, and thinking FRICK that’s it, my day is over. Some nice guys chatted to me and said just go easy and you’ll get it back and that was my focus till the crowds pulled me into T2.

It’s just amazing how the ringing of cheering in your ears literally makes running feel like nothing. Just seemed to get more and more into it the further I went. No one had a clue how far they had gone as there were no mile markers, and the marshals hadn’t been told!!! I played catch up with a fit guy, ( who had his name on his pants), who said he’d done 20 miles, and that was the only indication of the huge lap ahead! Then a tall, dark, handsome guy called out my name and I couldn’t believe my eyes….my boyfriend had ridden down from Scotland on his motorbike to catch me on this bend!!! They thought he was a marshal so they waved him through on the course!!! He then head to shoot back as he was on call that night, but he left me literally beaming like a moo in delight and pinging with energy!
It was the most INCREDIBLE feeling running down that shoot and under Jon and Shauns most wanted inflatable arch– (you can see it on youtube) – I was ON FIRE!!!!!….Still am…..can’t believe it! I made it! Somehow ended up 38th female too! Planning the next one…..!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ben 'Strudel" Spurrier ventures up North....

In a frenzy of excitement following my relative success at the Smithfield Nocturne back at the beginning of June, I entered the Blackpool round of the Nocturne Series straight away. As the road season starts to wind down for some, I thought I would eek-out another race on the back of the form I had in June. However, since getting my 2nd Cat license my body has experienced a burn-out of biblical proportions so it was everything I coulc do to stay with the lead group in the 2/3 event on Saturday night.

Blackpool I hear you say? Yes, that's right. We all got a taste of what it must be like to be football players as the race was lined with drunken stag and hen do's with people trying to run across the course, girls flashing their lady-bits and lots of general raucousness as we chewed our stems up and down the famour Pleasure Beach. It's worth pointing out that one poor fellow took a face full of hot, greasy chips mid-race and had to take a lap-out to get the chip fat off his face!!!

Anyway, we blasted around for what felt like an eternity, into the fiersome wind that came off the sea. Riders were shelled from the get-go after Claire led-out the first lap like a bullet from a gun! The lead group finally whittled itself down to about 12 riders all drilling to bring back the lone-breakaway but it wasn't to be and we had to fight it out for 2nd. In the end, my legs failed me a bit as we sprinted out of the final hairpin, into the headwind down the beachfront and I had to settle for 7th. Not unhappy with that as it was my first points as a 2nd Cat rider which is pleasing and it's a great event to take part in. If you can get up to any of the series next year, I'd thoroughly recommend going along to watch and drink beer. The Mule Bars got many a shout-out from the commentry with the two of them at one point, discussing at length whether they'd tried the product and what they thought of 'em etc...

A Strudel a la Jenson

Anthony Napolitan Lands the first BMX Double Frontflip

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hats off to the swimmers! Ever drunk the Thames?

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The Trin The whole tri and nothing but the tri.

How many bikes?????

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Amazing people who grant wishes for very ill children.
This is Rosie and Lucy.

MuleBar is going to support STARLIGHT in the future, so go to their website ( )
Have a look.

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How's that for swim, bike, run?

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Transition as far as the eye can see....

Josh Roberts

Just did his first Olympic! Did 2.21 - great time.

Seen here posing on Jenson's Scott TT bike

Had to be done - Alex with Jenson Button

Support that man to win the Championship.

A totally solid, good guy - who's also a bit quick in Triathlon too.

Jenson just in doing 2.07

Very quick or what!

John and Dermott, who train Jenson, are over the moon with his time.

Stephen Thompson

One to watch, going to the Worlds in Aus
In age group.
Probably just done about 2.05
Talks the legs off a...Mule!

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There must be someone famous doing this race.....

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