Friday, 21 August 2009

transwales update

Hello sportsfans and sorry for the gap in TW blogging, this was due to being in the part of Wales not yet wired for electricity and a few other dramas, more to follow......

It's been an eventful few days with some outstanding riding with emotional climbs and epic, technical descents. All the racing is now complete although the results of the final stage are still a closely guarded secret. All that remains is the final linking stage back to Builth Wells and then the post event party. The Mule teams are still going very strongly with Fi Spootswood running second in the mixed pairs, the Army Mules are still third in the male open pairs and the unofficial singlespeed category is being led by Mule Matt Carr who took the lead from Irish following his unfortunate accident.

Sadly the Army team has been suffering some serious attrition and two members have had free helicopter rides off the mountain. On day 3 Phil Marland was taken away with a big list of suspected injuries but thankfully only turned out to be a badly bruised hoop, he was released from hospital last night. Irish crashed out of the final special stage yesterday and has some spinal injuries which are being closely monitored.

On a lighter note, the picture shows Mule Matt Carr doing the ration pack coffee challenge (instant coffee, sugar and powdered milk but no water). The results from the final special stage should be out tonight.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

More Sleepless - Mule Steve Day crosses line in 12th place

24hours single speed, hard tail, hard front, hard ass!

3 Days - Steve, bro and son...
Relaxed looking dude or what...

Monday, 17 August 2009

TW special stage 1 Result

Stop press, mixed mules second and army mules third (open pairs) in special stage 1

Transwales day 2

under leaden skies the riders set off for the second day of riding. Unfortunately the Army Mules led the way and everyone followed them on a 4km detour (oops - although from a leadership perspective I've never had 170 people follow me out of curiosity before). The ride then set out over the hills and the weather remained mostly dry. After the lunch stop we experienced an epic descent followed by some leg busting climbs and then the first special stage - cli machx. The trail was awesome with some great technical rocky sections. Several were caught out by rocks, trees and drop offs and an unlucky few punctured including mule Matt Carr (pictured) who finished the run with a flat rear. Results to follow once known.


Brighton Big Dog

Mule David Arthur pre wipe-out...

Saltys victorious again.....Kicking riding Andy and Steve

After the toughest Transrockies Challenge in history ,Team Salty Balls arrive in fine style at the finish in Fernie. Trying to cement 7th place in their category they put the foot down today and finished the 7th stage in a time of 5hrs 42mins, finishing 5th on the day in their category, only 30mins off a podium position!

Mule top of the tree in Primrose Hill Post office

Liquorice Allsport Mulegirls hit the surf in Conrnwall...

Transwales day 2

Day 2 in the transwales household and there's some light drizzle to help keep us on our toes whilst packing up. Today we face 85km and 2900m of climbing as we move from one unpronouncable town to the next. We've also got the first proper race stage at the cli-machx trail to look foeward to.

For those questioning the relevance of the photo, it is the inaugral world lunging championships. For most lycra is a cycling accessory but for Irish it's a way of life.........


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Irish takes traswales campsite by storm

Mule Graham (Irish) McConaghy stunned transwales campers by sporting a fetching mule toga post the first day of riding. Onlookers were truly shocked when the strong breeze proved he was wearing the toga properly!

A whole herd of Mules started the 7 day Transwales mountain bike race today. The event comprises some 550km and 16500m of ascent and includes some of the top trail centres in Wales. Todays stage broke the riders in gently despite the bonus 8km rounding off the day as an 88km stage. Tomorrow sees the first special stage (race). Today was miles apart from last years conditions with feet remaining dry until the 30km point although normal service resumed at the campsite with a refreshingly ice cold shower, perhaps I should have pedalled faster. Mules included the army guys (me, Si Gough, Irish, Tony Ireland, James Sanford and Phil Marland) and wannabes Matt Carr and Fi Spotswood. Check back here for regular updates.
Brendan Kay