Saturday, 21 August 2010

What a beach

Message on the hoof

Mule coastal picnic breakfast

Message on the hoof

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Summited for lunch...

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Northern skies

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Camping the Highlands way

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Beautiful 'Blanc - Piers and Jason do it for Bliss....

Check out the Mont Blanc shadow

"We decided to climb Mount Blanc to raise money and awareness for the charity “Bliss”, when my now healthy nephew was born early at only 6 months. Bliss, the special care baby charity, provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK. One in every nine babies in the UK is born premature or sick.

I loved the climb, even when I was staring death in the face as an avalanche tumbled through our path on our journey to conquer nature and become the real men we would forever long to be. Thankfully odds were on our side...I had the right pal besides me, the right energy bars in my chest pockets and fantastic weather. Mule bar gave us a box of bars for our climb up the big white mountain. I liked the fact that they are completely natural and found them so much tastier than other energy bars I had used before. When I was up there up there on Sunday afternoon after setting off at 2.30 am, hanging onto my life, yearning for my mum’s apple pie, munching on an Apple Strudel Mulebar was enough to bring me back home and remind me what I was really doing it all for! Chewing hourly on Mango Tango and Liquorice Allsports kept us sustained and energized until we reached the summit at 6.30. We even had a celebratory Pinacolada each for the top for a bit of recovery as we stood in awe of nature and thanked her for sparing us before we headed back down on the tough descent. Thanks Mule bar- your bars kick ass-see you next year on Antarctica's Vinson Massif- Piers and Jason, Mount Blanc Climb 2010 "

MBG Champagne and report..

6 hours in the day time is far less punishing a task than all the other enduro’s I’ve endured this summer. It was Louise’s birthday, so we proper wanted to win. We had entered female pairs, along with Chloe and Rebecca, Hannah entered mixed pairs with one of the MuleBar boys.

Louise came in ahead of the other female pairs, so we were in the lead from the start. I didn’t check out the course before my race lap, but I’d heard it was a good one. But I was feeling really ill, it’s been going around my house, and my stomach was the size of a football! The start was uphill and my bloated tummy was giving me stomach cramps. As I crawled up spinning my lowest gear slowly, a dude on a single speed asked me if my gears had packed up. I was very indignant, my Whytie would never let me down like that. I covered his ears and told the guy that I was pregnant. Ha.

After ten minutes or so, the cramps eased and my stomach got visibly smaller, but I had been overtaken by second place female pairs. The course was wonderful, really rooty and slippy, there was no chance of switching your brain off and plodding up a hill, it was tech throughout and full concentration was needed even on the flattest parts. It started pouring with rain, but since I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as usual, I didn’t crash for once! We went over a motorway bridge, which I thought was a cool touch. It kinda gave you a weird sense of “the outside world” after being lost for half an hour in pure, wet, slippy, single-minded concentration.

I didn’t manage to catch second (now first) place by the time I got to change-over point. But by the time Louise came back from her second lap we had the lead by 8 minutes. I was fired up and charged out on my second and last lap. The course had got way more slippy, looking a timelaps is really funny as average lap times were going up by 10- 20 minutes! We won the race by nearly 30 minutes in the end, our sure lead allowed me not to have to go out for a third lap, and greeted Louise with a bottle of fizzy wine at the end instead.

I was disappointed in the weather, it’s my 4th enduro race and it rained again. I don’t know how to imagine one in warm, chilled out weather now, where everything must be so much less stressful, with no kit changes or bike cleaning needed. I’m jealous of the people who have experienced that.

But it was made more fun by the crowd of people around, everyone was buzzing, and because no-one was sleep deprived, conversation flowed freely and happily. The podium was the best and loudest I’ve ever been on. Louise and I were on top, with Rebecca and Chloe in third, and a couple of super-cool Dynamo girls in second. Hannah won mixed pairs, and Jimmy, our sponsor won male teams. So we cheered and cheered and cheered, and then the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to Louise. All in all, it was a wicked event, and the only enduro I think I will book onto again next year!

Travels with my mule...

We totally, utterly love this...

Philip Shrimpton emailed us a few weeks ago saying that along with his twin brother Paddy he had set up a cycling team called Travels with my mule: which is today an ever-expanding Multi National team with members from Oz, The States, South Africa and the UK...

He has always used MuleBar which he buys from his brother's shop, Cycle Heaven, in York, for fuel during training. One observant member of the team, seeing the link, suggested he get in contact with us directly. So he did, ending his email with a sentence which is like sweet music to our ears... 'There is no catch and we look for no remuneration or sponsorship, but are just happy to promote a product which we enjoy.'

Hell yeah! And talking of Hell- Paddy and the Mule Team are just about to set off for the Hotter Than Hell ride in Wichita Falls, Texas. And we've sent them a load of MuleBar to munch on and potentially give away. So if you see a load of nutters with Travels with my mule t-shirts, jump on them and demand your free MuleBar!

Thanks to you guys, and especially to Philip for his brilliant blog post promoting MuleBar:


Travels with my Mule...

.....Trying to separate my dates was never a problem in my misspent youth.
But with the nutrition type, trying to separate them whilst climbing or descending a 25% gradient can often lead to a departure from the road or prompt curses from the rider following my wheel.
I needed something that was natural, nutritious and portable and tried a whole range of products.
Then I discovered MuleBars.....

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

MuleBar Girls hit the track...

The legendary Eureka CyclistsCafe...

"....still out selling all other sports bars. If we ever run out of a favourite flavour the customers get most upset."