Friday, 27 August 2010

Linda heads to the Alpes...

Here is a short write up from Linda Doke, a SA trail runner who is heading to the Alps to compete in the Trans Alpine run with Ryan Sandes, arguably the best long distance trail runner in the world at the moment and he’s not even close to his prime...

I've been using MULE bars for the past three months in my preparation for competing in the TransAlpine Run, a 310km 8-day stage race in the German, Austrian and Italian Alps. Before I found MULE, I had tried various other bars and nothing had quite worked for me. When running ultra distances, I use energy gels but I find I get hungry and need a bar that 1) satisfies the hunger, 2) agrees with my stomach, 3) doesn't disagree with the energy gel, and 4) is tasty, and not all gummy and difficult to chew like most other bars.

In MULE I found the perfect solution. MULE bars are 100% natural, they're not packed with flavourants, colourants and preservatives - they're organic and my stomach loves them! There're a range of flavours to choose from, and all of them use the natural raw ingredient (eg. real chips of mango for the Mango Tango, real aniseed for the liquorice (my favourite), real apricots for the Hunza Nut, etc) rather than flavourants like other bars use.

Importantly, I find that MULE bars give me sustained energy, which is crucial when I'm doing really long runs. And they come in two sizes - a larger bar which is great if I'm planning to be out on the trail for more than three hours, and a pocketsize 30g version, which is really handy for shorter runs, when I need an easy-reach, two-bite fuel that's really delicious.

So I'm sold on MULE bars. I'm a very happy MULE!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pyrenean harvest

Beautiful wild mushrooms for the Mule kitchen, stright from the Catalan Pyrenees, as picked by Puig and Gonzy.

...and Hunchback himself, found on all fours in the mountains...

Monday, 23 August 2010

MuleBar to sponsor 105 hours of cricket...

A team at Blunham Cricket Club in Bedfordshire are going to stand out in a field, day and night to set a new Guinness World Record whilst munching on a load of MuleBar to keep their energy levels up.

BCC had previously set a mark of 59 hours and 33 minutes in 2008. The record has subsequently been beaten by two teams in Sydney, Australia, and now sits at 67 hours.

So Blunham have decided to beat them and hours of continuous cricket! Rather a big jump from 67 to 105 isn't it lads??!

Apparently their '...Antipodean cousins need to be taught a lesson'

Hmmm, well, good luck to you (nutters)... check out their website for more details:

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mulegirl goes airborne... .