Saturday, 23 October 2010

Breakfast of choice for Team Strudel....

Porridge and Cherry Bomb....

3 times World Champ' in the Rainbow Petra and our resident Mule Chump Alex

10/10 cherries - Running Cupcake

Maria from Running Cupcake rates a few of our products out of 'cherries'. Great review system but I wonder how many cherries Chery Bomb would get?!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Mules at play - Biffa unstuck in the New Forest

Message on the hoof

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mule Mike tops the podium at the Kona Oktoberfest...

Who's that not concentrating on the right?

Super fast Mule Mike Tomlinson wins the 4hour solo....

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cable rub? (the North East Mule Mark goes pink)

Mulebar Girl in Spain...

Whytie and I have been on an adventure to Cordoba in the southern Spanish mountains. I was invited to the Joy-Riders villa to help on their first ever Just-for-Girls Week.
I didn't know what to expect; so often girls-only events are created on the assumption that we are all beginners. The week was advertised as for intermediate to experienced riders and on the first day skills say I could see why. We were taken in an uplift to the top of a mountain and spent the whole day on one descent sessioning tricky sections. Whytie and I were there to demonstrate drop-offs, rock gardens, switchbacks, line picking, rocky descents and technical climbing. I was also there to spot the girls in case they fell off, which they sometimes did. But their pluckyness amazedJoy-Rider's regular guides, Mark and Pete "We've never had a group of blokes as brave as this, if they're scared they normally just walk it."
But with the encouragement of a group of friendly girls and sheer determination, each rider insisted on repeatedly trying things until they had mastered it. Combined with a skills session in the garden on "rest day" that included wheelies, track stands and bunny hops, the new techniques were put to the test on a variety of full-day mountain rides.

The 6 girls formed a tight bond and their banter was relentless, all day, every day. The lucky girls received an AnaNichoola goodie bag, filled with MuleBars and a Joy-Riders t-shirt, and got to spend the evenings on the roof-top hot tub with free beer!

I was massively impressed with the girls and am grateful for the opportunity to ride with them and also to ride my lovely bicycle on terrain that seems a million miles away from Surrey.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Kicks gel 'Cherry Bomb' pulls round the party circa 2am

A Modern Girls guide to loosing the flab

Jessica of A Modern Girls guide to losing the Flab, and maker of amazing looking cup cakes has done a mini-review of our bars....

Read it