Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fast Fearless and Female... (and Orban - film maestro)

The Movement

The Movement

The MuleBar Girl movement continues with full energy into 2011. The experimental team of young, adventurous cyclists have enjoyed the summer of their lives, taking part in races of all disciplines at all levels. The goals for next year are much the same, but with a years worth of experience under their belts.

So, who are the MuleBar Girls and what is it that sets them apart from other female race teams? They are an amateur team, who care about trying hard, but aren’t the best in the world. They aim to inspire other women to race bikes, by not being worlds apart. Their philosophy is fun and feminine, seeing their cycling as their art, something to be creative with and have fun with. Results from the season include winning at several team enduro mountain bike races, top-5 at the Smithfield Nocturne, mid-field at national level road races, and even some wins at local down hill and cyclo-cross races. But more than simply getting trying to get results, the MuleBar Girls have been seen at all sorts of races, all across the country and even Europe. They have taken part, dressed up and had a laugh. In a nutshell, you could say they have kicked.

The MuleBar Girls’ “fast, fearless and female” mantra will be taken with full steam into 2011 as they recruit new members, looking for strong personalities and creative flair, as much as a racing CV.

The Kit

Designed again, by team member Anna Glowinski, under the brand AnaNichoola, the winter kit is a statement against traditional club outfits. Inspiration has come from gymnastics leotards, mainstream fashion, MuleBar and winter. Anna says “the black to midnight fade can be seen in 2D on the MuleBar website, and I thought it would look lovely as a skinsuit. The hues remind me of post-cyclo cross early evening dinners as it gets dark.”

But the most unusual feature is the fur trim on the collar and cuffs. “I wanted to play around, trims and fur are common this winter on the High St, so I thought why not use something like that on our cycling kit? It makes people smile and say something when they see it, and then suddenly we’ll have a new friend to talk to at a race.” The fur trims may get soggy in the rain and snow, but they are removable. “However if it’s wet when you’re on your bike, well, you’re wet anyway. Deal with it!”

The Film

“Fast, Fearless and Female” is a quick-paced film to sum up the lifestyle of a MuleBar Girl. Snippets of interview give an insight into how the girls feel in the run up to a race, and the beauty and intuition of cycling as fast as you can. It hopes to make non-cycling women excited about bikes, and dreamy about adventures with your friends in the great outdoors. Orban Wallace made the film and says “I don’t cycle much, just as a commuter really, and a whole new world opened up when I followed the MuleBar Girls to bike races.” The video aims to open this world up to more people. Orban continues to explain his choice in such a fast-moving film “The girls are funny, fast talking, fast moving girls, bouncing from one topic to another, I couldn’t keep up with the mix of cycling talk, film ideas, stupid jokes and arguments! I wanted the film to carry that, they do all sort of cycling and it means different things to all of them. How could you put so much variety into a slow-moving narrative?”

Some of the Party People...

Look Mum No Hands - the place, the people....

New kicking Winter kit for Team MBGs

Friday, 17 December 2010

The party about to kick off....

MuleBar gone crackers...

No cracker this Christmas will have as much bang as the MuleBar Chrimbo party Strudel cracker case, designed with love and energy by Sally.
Big thanks!


Party - Look Mum No Hands - get on down...

Message on the hoof

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Free Diving World Record Broken: 100 Meters Under the Sea

A New Zealand man has broken his own record for the deepest dive without swimming aids.

Read about it here

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The Monday Night Club mules..

Big G, John, Adie and Mark expose their bulbs in the woods....

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The latest Cherry Bomb promo.....