Saturday, 8 January 2011

We can all live by these simple rules

Spring very much teasing us..

Rosa Sellarès, Veteran swimming champion dies

An incredible story: Rosa Sellarès started swimming at 60, started competing at 80 and when she died 2 days ago, held 12 world records and 27 european records. It's never to late to get out there - amazing.
Happy New Year!


Friday, 7 January 2011

Autumn climbs by our Mountain Mules...

"Epic day yesterday. Set off at 6.15 with high winds and low cloud. Got
to 4000m, many guides were turning bak with their clients so we set
our sites on Piramid Vincent 4215m. Cold and high winds on the top,
but simple snow plod up. Then headed for Balmenhorn 4167m, bizarre
crucifix and shelter on this small nunatak with fixed ropes up the
rock step. Demolished a pinocolada, aftet a little warming between our
legs! Weather not deterioating so decided to press on to the next
4000er - Schwarzhorn 4322m. Lovely 50 degree slope led to the last
rock step. The Mules next objective was Ludigshohne 4341m, a beautiful
snow plod. Then on to the Parrotspitze 4433m. A stunning snow ridge
with epic gale, spin drift, frozen water and feet in my case (no
change there). Dropped down to the lee side of a large rock and dug in
to two Liquorice Allsports and some hot fluids. Made all the
difference. It was now 10.45. Set off for the final peak with a snow
plod up to Signalkuppe. Feeling the altitude by now, but the hot soup
in the highest building in Europe (Margherita Hut - 4554m) sorted us
out. My frozen hoof was expertly massaged back to life by Rent. Then
bombed down the hill in 1.45hr avoiding the weak snow bridges over the
myriad of late season cravasses behind the hut.

Now in the Dolomites for the next outing as the weather has turned and
lifts closed."

Rent and Ditch

Joe, aged 5, says eat MuleBar


Thursday, 6 January 2011

New addition to the Stable..

Matt Willis

Sent from my mobile saddle

Just been sent this cool pic' of Mule gal Pee....

.... on her way to winning her 3rd World Champs in Brazil last September... Awesome!

And in case you missed it, her thoughts just after victory....

World Champion Again!!!

I have done it….World Champion for the third time and a hatrick! Its a great feeling and even bigger relief. The first time you win is just mind blowing and you feel on the top of the world literally. Second time you win its about reaffirmation, trying to prove to your self that it was not a fluke or luck the first time.

The third time is very strange to describe. Its perfect and a feeling of completeness. I cannot say when it will really sink in properley. My sponsors have been perfect this year, Scott, BUFF, Sram and Mule Bar have been behind me through thick and thin!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bikers on Wick Lane greeted with bars from the car glovebox

Matt Willis

Sent from my mobile saddle

Top brands at the Outdoor Show 2011

Come and see us on Stand LB126 from the 13th January.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2 mulebar girls at the finish

Mule Toria keeps it clean...

Message on the hoof

DH Mule John comes good at the winter challenge..

Message on the hoof

Salisbury Plain winter challenge looking good...

Message on the hoof