Friday, 1 April 2011

Team Endurance Race Results

Race Report

This was my first experience of road racing. I had done one race previously at Hillingdon at the ‘Go nuts, afternoon of cycling and now into the women’s series. A complete change from the triathlons I was used to where you are cycling practically on your own, this was at times cycling elbow to elbow with a bunch of women all eager to win and collect valuable points. The first race was on New Years Day, it was pretty cold, Charlotte Easton decided to go off on a break, I played safe as I was not sure if I would be able to stay with her, confidence not being my strong point! Riding in the bunch proved a bit frustrating as nobody wanted to take it on and it was a little bit stop start. In the final sprint I was fourth which I was very pleased with but I knew I could have ridden a lot harder. The second race on 3rd Jan was fun, there was a break of three riders, once again I should have gone with them but in fear of blowing up I sat in the pack, this was to my detriment as come the last corner before the start/finish straight I was blocked by lapped riders and I had to brake costing me and putting me in back in 10th position. The final race was on 16th Jan, I now knew who the best riders were and I had decided to stick behind Charlotte Easton and wherever she went I would go too. It was very windy and it felt like we were not going anywhere on the back straight. Charlotte went off on a break and I went with her, at last I found the guts from somewhere, it has taken me long enough! Unfortunately it was so windy that we were never going to be able to hold it with just the two of us so we let the others catch back up. Half way through the race I was right at the back but I tried not to worry as I was still following Charlotte. Two laps to go they decided we might collide with the 3rd Cat men’s race so they rang the bell and all hell broke loose. The women at the front pushed hard but with the wind it was proving difficult. Gradually Charlotte put her foot down and so did I catching a tail wind on the start/finish straight we passed all but one rider who happens to be renowned for her sprints. I came in 3rd, I was very pleased as the other women were elite riders. A presentation was given later in the day and I was 3rd in the series overall. A fantastic day!!

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Daily Inspiration #14

Teton Snorkeling from Don Watkins on Vimeo.

Courtesy of the GearCaster

Monday, 28 March 2011

MuleBar Men

Hello we (Felt-Colbornes RT) are new to the MuleBar mixture.

So we are a small team of Elite and 1st cat road races, we race and look fast although at times not the fastest. Apart from this week once we had just stocked up on MuleBar Kicks and Bars! Myself Lee Smith, John Wager and Ian Legg turned out to the Thruxton Circuit along with seventy other riders. I arrived in my usual late style (I blame the clocks changing) so necked 2 lemon zinger gels for the caffeine kick and with some new ENVE 65 wheels in my bike we are off at 45km average speed for 56km race too fast to get away so bunch sprint it is.
With some of the bigger team lead-outs making it very fast on the final 5km's I had to find my own way to the front by starting my sprint 500m out just catching Chris Opie before the line and taking the win by just a few inches. Thanks MuleBar i need Cafe Cortado kicks soon ;-)

Tadej or Tomorrow - one day for sure....

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

questars Round 1

Round 1 of questars from The Burgate School, Hants.

Got the year's first sunburn... perfect conditions. Cheers to Rich and Greg Ward for putting that kayak aside for me. Studs.

The world famous Team Salty Balls get off to a flying start....

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The Next Lance!!!!