Friday, 29 April 2011

Through the Forest in Moors Valley

Damo on fire and Biff finds the only mud left in Dorset ...

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

clocked out, play time...

Matt Willis

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Hog Hill Crit race

Words and images from Tanya Hunt from the recent Hog Hill Crit.

"This was my first race back after the horrible crash at Windsor, I was so nervous as I was unsure how I would feel after hitting the tarmac with my head at 25mph. There were lots of ladies turning up which was great!

Getting on the rollers to warm up I had a great view over London, you could see the London eye in the distance. The circuit was fantastic, made a real change from the flat circuits I have raced on. I kept in the front group staying with the stronger girls all of the time. Hog Hill when raced anticlockwise has a steep hill up to the finish, I would ride this at my normal rate each time and found myself at the front, I was feeling good and the legs were working well. The circuit was quite short and had a lot of sweeping bends and one quite steep descent into a corner. It took me a few laps to get this corner just right as the camber tends to push you right to the edge of the track. The last lap we all pushed harder, my legs were starting to feel it and we attacked the climb for the last time, I was right up behind a girl who slowed and took a bit of pace out of the hill, this was not good for me and I lost ground, trying hard for the line I came fourth. I realised at that time that I should have just attacked earlier. Road racing is far more tactical than I imagined, you get constant jibes by some girls to intimidate you into working hard on the front, I didn’t bite, I rode my own race and I hope with confidence that I will be able to push myself harder and have the courage to go off on a break and win!

All in all a great day and a good confidence boost ready for the next big race in May!

Homebrew Mates Races.... love it

Run for mates - go go Phil...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dan Atherton takes 3 seconds off to WIN

Message on the hoof

Race to Merthyr below...

Message on the hoof

Not rubbish - lovely 951's and Ian from the Drop Off Cafe - the flapjacks the best competition to Mulebar...

Message on the hoof