Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stay hydrated...

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Judies support...

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Fashion icon Bill Amberg hits the '12

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6 hour Mules

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Erlestoke 12 hours to go...

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Rock 'ard Pete the Summer Pudding...

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Sexy Team Strudel

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Cherry Bombers cross dressed as Strudels..

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The legendary Jonny and Jason Mulebar pairs

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Seven Summits record...

London boy breaks Seven Summits record by summiting Everest. Read here

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mule G testing the 'aerodynamics' on Sunday at the MIJ Taff Buggy

The Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race

Just insane, love the dog dodging...

Mule Sylvain at Dalby World Cup

“This weekend was the Cross Country Mountain Bike World Cup round 2 in Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire. My friend Joel and I entered the “Dalby Dare” citizen’s race on the day before the Elite event, which took on one lap of the course, plus an extra loop into the forest. Our warm-up was completed with the 20-mile road ride to the venue which helped getting rid of the previous night’s wine excesses, and pre-race meal was a ham sandwich, cappucino and Mule Bar, plus a taster of seven sausages from the Yorkshire Tourist Board, which was trying to find out which one was the best. We hoped that we wouldn’t encounter those sausages again during the race.

Lining up before the start I got asked by the commentator how long I was expecting my race to take, to which I hazarded a guess of about an hour – the cheeky sod seemed to find this hilarious – it was only meant to be 20km after all – or 25 depending on the source. I also said I had never ridden the course which seemed like a bit of a concern to him. Off we were and after a frantic start I sensibly let someone take the lead, following his wheel through the twisty forest singletrack. It was all fine until we reached the first of the infamous technical sections, a vertical drop-off which had me coming to a standstill and getting off the bike! Lost some time there, as well as on another tricky rock climb. Later on I had a small tumble which misaligned my front mech.

So I lost sight of first place and saw at the end of the lap, on the giant UCI board, that I was 40 seconds down after 22 min. The Elites would take over 2 min less than that .. Then it was onto the forest loop, mostly less technically demanding. I tried hard to push on and as we reached Dixon’s Hollow, the BMX-type set of berms with 1km to go, was within sight of first place. A lack of marshals at a junction there meant that he hesitated and lost maybe 10 sec, so I got even closer but thought it would be bad form to now fight for the win. Still, I would have had a hard time had I tried. We crossed the line in 1st and 2nd, that was an amazing (and quite humbling) experience to be riding the same course as the pros, and to be able to compare our times.”

Record Breaking Mules : 25 Days ‘Round Ireland

Congratulations Mules!

"Just when they thought they couldn’t push it any harder, Britain’s Jeff Allen and Irish paddler Harry Whelan dug deep, emptied the tanks and crushed the 20-year-old speed record for sea kayaking around Ireland. They completed the circumnavigation in 25 days; the previous record was 33 days." See the whole story at Canoe & Kayak Mag

Monday, 23 May 2011

Alan Hinkes at Everest Base Camp

Alan Hinkes @ Everest Base Camp @ 5200m - North side, Tibet.

Kicks gels hit the spot...

I wanted to email you to say how impressed I have been with your natural sports gels. Until trying the gel I assumed that the onset of stomach ache upon completing a race was an inevitable down side of using all sports gels. Having bought a box of Lemon Zinger gels from Stonehenge Cycles, Salisbury a few months ago I completed yesterdays Edinburgh Marathon in a pb of 3hrs10 in some very testing, windy conditions. Whilst I found the texture of the gels took some getting used to during my training runs I am pleased to have finally found a gel that I can completely trust. To have my race nutrition sorted is a huge advantage and one less thing to have to consider when training and racing. I will not think twice to highly recommend the gel to my fellow runners and triathletes.

Kind regards and thank you!
Jon Rich

2 more of the Holyhead team looking resplendent in the mule tops

Mules summit Snowdon...

"I can't tell you how wet and cold it was yesterday on Snowdon. 4 people had to be rescued apparently. Anyway we made it but we got so wet and cold that I couldn't even get my camera out of my pocket at the summit. The wind was gusting to over 50 mph and it felt bloody precarious near the top!
This is a pic of Suzie and I in the cafe at the top! " We get the picture.... Stormy weather...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wareham XC

Cows on course! Brilliant

Git on down to the Wareham XC

Matt Willis

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