Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day one done!

7 hours, 1 broken brake lever, 2 stacks, 1 knackered shoulder, 1625metres of ascent, day 1 done!

Refuel time!


Off we go! 7 hours to go!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Polaris Mtb challenge

In the peak district this wkd? Then come and see us at the Polaris challenge, base camp is at Bamford

Javier Gomez preparing for the European title

Thursday, 23 June 2011

New, old, destroyed..

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Compostable wrapper Apple Strudel rolls off the production line...

Courtesy of top Production Mule, Mark Booth.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The pic' tells the story.... Mule Steve at Mayhem - 5th solo on a hard singlespeed!

A brief update from Mountain Mayhem 24-hour at Eastnor Castle...
Another great Mayhem year... a superb course, with a seriously long climb in it, some seriously quick decents and minimal rain! Apparently it rained a bit on Friday night, but luckily my body decided that it was going to get a good nights sleep so I didn't hear rattling on the caravan roof - this was a great relief considering that I struggled to get any sleep on Thursday, and my plan to be in bed early for the week leading up to Mayhem went to pot with a run of 11pm good-nights.
Things started earlier this year with a 12pm start instead of the usual 2pm. It was a bit of a rush on Saturday morning getting everything sorted - there always seems to be something you have forgotten in the rest of the prep. Given the rain at the back end of the previous week, plus past experiance of Eastnor in the wet, I was a little aprehensive about the conditions on the first lap, but was pleasantly surprised once out on course. Lap 2 saw further improvement in most places with lines getting much quicker... then the rain started, but with only showers forcast things were looking good. Conditions turned slippy again before drying out superbly in the second half of the race.
Lap 4 threw up a surprise when my half link chain stretched to the point it jumper the rear cog about 1/4 mile from the finish area. This was found to be a fractured link, which was replaced at my fuel stop so I could carry on. Rear cog was upped a couple of teeth to make the climb and help save my legs. Things then remained pretty easy going and uneventful until lap 12 when the chain need to be completely replaced due to 2 more fractured links - thank goodness for BMX chains as I think those links must have been fractured for 2 laps given the noise it started making at the start of lap 11!
Sunday dawned bright & dry, and the 12pm finish time seemed very close - certainly a benefit over the old 2pm finish of previous years - but was accopanied a lap of constant hiccups (much to the amusement of some other riders).
At the finish, things were a bit closer than last year. I managed to complete 19 laps to secure 5th solo to the solo winners (Anthony White) 21 laps. First singlespeed was Dan Treby also on 19 laps in 4th place.

A Strudel cast...

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Who'd like a bar made from these tasty pale green and pink beauties?

Monday, 20 June 2011

70.3 Ironman, Team Endurance

Some words from Jon Fearne of J F Multisport Coaching about one of his team members' results:

"Shaun Benfield 2nd in age group at UK 70.3 Ironman, missing 1st by 7 seconds, Finishing in top 30 overall, awesome result, this man is a machine. Bang it on the blog, he rocks."

Well done Shaun...

Handlebar view of Ljubjlana

Can anyone see Robin Hood?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday eve trails...

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