Monday, 23 December 2013

Rock and ice climber Neil Gresham completes his tough project in Spain...

More pics and details to follow....

Friday, 20 December 2013

A merry Mule team....

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Not long as the jumpers out...

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mini-edit of Team SWR in Dubai ahead of the 2014 Tour of Dubai

Check you out Nike...

Brewing up a storm for 2014...

Rain and leaves....

Friday, 13 December 2013

Monday, 2 December 2013

Mule Anna gets the press

Thursday, 28 November 2013

First coff' of the day...

Mule Mark with his new Strudel mug

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Smoke signals? Attack imminent...

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mules on fire at Tidworth Freeride's first DH....

Mule Laurie on gas.... 2nd FTD!

Big G on top of Masters

Mule Laurie peaks Juniors

Mule in the prize list for Vets (5th)
Laurie on his way up! 2ndFTD

Monday, 18 November 2013

Mules Anna and Flora update (British Sailing Team -Team Burnet Stewart)

After a biking accident and broken elbow for Flora we disappointingly missed our World and European Championships in the Summer, which was tough to get through. I’m glad to say Flora has fully recovered and we are now back on track with our training, with the 2014 World Championships firmly in our sights.

Since being back in the boat we have had a number of productive training camps, mainly in Weymouth although we recently went out to Asia. We spent 10 days in Myanmar training with the Myanmar 470 teams in the build up to the biggest event in their calendar, the South East Asian Games. Training out there was an amazing experience for us and also great to be able to spend hours on the water in a hot climate. Returning to winter in Weymouth after the 36degrees in Myanmar was a shock to the system - fortunately we don’t need to adjust to the icy water for too long!

Flora and I are about to head out to Portugal and then Gran Canaria for a training camp with 2012 Olympic silver medallists Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark. Training with the top British team and experienced Olympic campaigners is a fantastic opportunity for us to move our sailing forward as well as being a huge privilege.  We will be spending a week on the water in Portugal before heading down to Gran Canaria for the Canary Olympic Sailing week.

Our final competition in 2013 will be the International Christmas regatta in Palamos, Spain from 18-22nd December so we are hoping to lead into the new year on the back of a positive result.


"This is me eating a mule bar half way up El Capitan in Yosemite california. I'm 'freeing' El Cap via a route called Freerider. This means I'm climbing it without the use of aid techniques such as pulling on equipment to get up the cliff, in other words just using my hands and feet.
Thanks for the fuel!  "
Mule Hazel Findlay on El Capitan...

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ultra runner Mule Anthony Forsyth's first race in the USA...

"Mid air punch. Just kissed the black armband (in my right hand) - raced for my beloved Auntie Sue, my stepmother who passed away 2 days before"

Not only wins the Chino Hills 50k but breaks the record by 20minutes too!

".... . the 'kick' that MuleBar gels offer certainly seems to be more than just clever marketing hyperbole."

MuleBar Kicks Energy Gels
Adventure. That is what MuleBar claim to be all about, and judging by the range of sports and activities they are involved in, you would be hard-pushed to argue. Their ambassadors, or 'Mules' as they call them, are runners, triathletes, kite surfers, skiers, frisbee players, rock climbers and even a winemaker. Cycling is very much at the heart of this, as reflected by their sponsorship of the women's cycling team, Team MuleBar Girl.

MuleBar uses FairTrade products where possible, and are members of the '1% for the Planet' 
movement that financially supports environmental organisations. Alongside the Kicks energy gels, MuleBar also offer, as you might expect, energy bars and ReFuel protein recovery bars.

Monday, 11 November 2013

You get the picture, I'm not going to review rubbish nutrition on this blog, so it was nice to receive.....

Read the whole review here

Muscle Mule Will Dollar

 Wills a Champ' and inspiration for us Kettleball fans...

Gold - EGSA Irish Open 2012, 28kg Long Cycle - 71 reps

Gold - Welsh Open 2012, 28kg Biathlon

Gold - Scottish Open 2013, 32kg Long Cycle - 56 reps

Silver - GSU British Championships 2013, 32kg Long Cycle - 41 reps

Eyes down - Mules go orienteering....

Monday, 4 November 2013

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mule Scott's Bristol Oktoberfest report

This year has flown by, the unofficial end of season race has been and gone, the Stans No Tubes Oktoberfest. Ok, so there was the Roc D’Azur in France too, but the Oktoberfest was at least local. With a huge range of categories across the am and pm 4 hour events and the full 8 hour event, there is something for everyone. The lure of sustainable and all weather  singletrack riding attracted riders from across the country as well as the usual faces from the local area. Even though there is some fierce racing for that prized winner’s pretzel, the atmosphere is super friendly.

No different for this 3rd edition was the pre race talk about the weather. Paul’s lucky flip flops have kept the weather at bay, even bringing sunny skies and warmish temperatures for the previous 2 editions, but it was looking like they were going to let him down this year, with dark clouds brewing.

I (@physio_scott) was in the old gits category this year, riding pairs with Alan Coleville (@half_arsed racer), my winning partner at this year’s Bristol Bikefest. We decided to stick with our previous formula of 2 laps on, 2 off, to give the old legs time to wind up.

Alan again volunteered for the Le Mans style run up the gravel climb, Who was I to argue?! At 9 am sharp, ish, the race was on, hundreds of riders awkwardly running in stiff bike shoes towards their bikes, but some taking a more leisurely approach at the back. With around an hour to wait, it was off to get a coffee and cake from the Luff Bus.

Come my turn, the weather was turning, drizzle wetting the trails. I prepped with a Cherry bomb gel waiting for Alan. The ‘baton’ a hair scrunchie was passed and it was time to motivate the legs to start pedaling, not too much of a task as first off is beggar bush lane, a slightly downhill, fast section of swooping singletrack through the trees.

Grip in the dry on these trails is superb and dry weather tyres keep the wheels turning  fast, in the rainy conditions, I was cursing my poor choice of tyre which had the bike sliding out on every corner on the wet, exposed stone. Over 29 sketchy minutes per lap later and it was back over to Alan. A frustratingly, slow start. Half a chocolate/banana Mule recovery bar and a cuppa later, it was time to chill before winding up again, and check out the bikes from Salsa. They were displaying a number of Fat bikes and their new Spearfish and Horsethief rigs. Their Beargrease carbon fat bike had pride of place.

With the growing popularity in fat bikes, they had their own category in the 8 hour this year. Dan Treby (@DANTREBY) didn’t think that that would be hard enough, so he commuted from his home 90 miles away, and won. Fat bike riding didn’t look the most speedy, but it was apparently, super comfy with only 6 psi in the tyres. Oktoberfest is a tough course on the body, so for my comfort I was running the usual Ergon GS1 grips and the impressive SM3 saddle. Wouldn’t ride the mtb without these now, they are that good.

And then the sun broke through. The trails dried out and the speed was back on, much to my relief, and everyone else’s! Lap times went down by over 2 minutes with a corresponding hike in heart rate as the legs pushed harder as tyres held their grip. Each of the  4, short, punchy climbs hurt that little more! The half a Mule recovery bar became a whole one (with added peanut butter) at the end of my laps!

One great aspect of these Bristol events is hearing shouts of support from random voices around the course, but never finding out who it is at the time for fear of losing concentration on the trail infront!

Part of this race is having the skill to pass. A polite request, and a thankyou always results in  riders letting you through at an appropriate spot and just keeps the whole atmosphere friendly and rolling nicely along. Having to wait a few seconds is no hardship as everyone has to do it.

The sunshine pretty remained for the rest of the day. Paul’s lucky flip flops working their magic once again! The now, back to perfectly dry trails were rolling beautifully, riders and non riders lining the course, enjoying the autumn sun shouting support for everyone. (The RunRider event on the Sunday wasn’t so lucky!).

Going out on my final 2 laps, we had about a 9 minute lead. A mishap would throw it all away, but I couldn’t slow down too much just in case 2nd place upped the ante! I got back with 9 minutes to spare before the cut off and the pairs win. We got the coveted winner’s pretzel. Thanks to MBSwindon team 2  for taking the race down to the last few laps. A celebratory burger from the Luff Bus was in order. 

A great day out. Check out the Bristol Bikefest next year for some singletrack racing fun.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Come and ride up to Mule HQ this autumn...

....this is the 'drive'

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mule Steve takes the SS honours at Stan’s Oktoberfest in Bristol..

"What an ace event – racing for beer and pretzels is an excellent way to finish the season. 14 laps completed and now feeling like my arms have been punched repeatedly for 8 hours. After the first hour of drizzle the sun came out and the trails dried to make way for an awesome days riding"

Friday, 11 October 2013