Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gain power..... (lose weight)

"To prepare for my latest project at Rodellar in Spain I had to follow a tough nutritional program. The climb is an overhanging '8c' sport route, which is a grade harder than I've achieved before at this style of climbing. In order to do it I needed to lose half a stone in weight during a two week period, whilst still training and maintaining strength. Mule bars may not be designed specifically as a product for weight loss, but I found that they were instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal. My diet involved cutting out all high-carb foods such as bread, rice and pasta, and replacing them with salad and green veg. I upped the level of protein and kept fat pretty low. Needless to say, I felt pretty hungry, but I found that a Mule energy bar would get me through my work-outs and was a healthier and more functional alternative to 'comfort eating' with the usual cakes or flapjacks. Post training, a Mule recovery bar was essential to stop me from burning out, seeing as my system was running on empty. This strategy proved to be really successful and I noticed my power levels shooting up, as soon as the weight dropped off and this filled me with confidence for achieving the route. Of course, I should probably have allowed more time to lose the weight, but for various reasons it didn't work out that way and I needed to get in shape fast. "

Neil Gresham's prep for his Spanish  project -   More soon...

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