Monday, 24 June 2013

Intern Mule Finds His Way To Nowhere

"A cheeky 1hr spin," never has the spoken word been so wrong! The intention was to head down to Britford, across to Downton, sling to Alderbury potter up to Clarendon then roll on home via Petersfinger. Most of this never happened. A bridleway leaving Britford was signposted clearly for a little bit, however at the crucial junction all guidance was forfeited. A cycle then walk through a deeply rutted field suggested this was not the correct path. However this mule was now too far in to turn back. Through the use of Google maps and a few river crossings, the fields were crossed, Downton was somehow missed and instead of a clear track to follow, a posh estate was where this mule was found. Some directions from a few lads pointed to Alderbury and hopefully back on track for the ride.

The plan was to head out of Alderbury towards Clarendon and then head left, back towards Salisbury. However the mammoth Clarendon Park Estate had not been accounted before, what look like clear tracks on the map was in fact private driveways, after 20 minutes of totally aimless and directionless travel, eventually the correct route was rode upon and finally a track out of there.

On the map it all looked so simple! From the estate just join with the Queen Mary Road which then leads to Petersfinger. In practice this was not the case, about half way between the estate and the tarmac holy grail a puncture struck. This was not a great day to get one, intentions for a 1hr spin had meant no excess weight had been brought along 'ahem.' This meant a walk, all the way from puncture land, where the photo was taken, back to SP2. 40-45mins later this mule returned home for a well earned shower and huge dinner.

Next time will probably just go for a run!

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