Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Ultra runner Mule Anthony Forsyth's first race in the USA...

"Mid air punch. Just kissed the black armband (in my right hand) - raced for my beloved Auntie Sue, my stepmother who passed away 2 days before"

Not only wins the Chino Hills 50k http://www.runchinohills.com/index.asp but breaks the record by 20minutes too!

".... . the 'kick' that MuleBar gels offer certainly seems to be more than just clever marketing hyperbole."

MuleBar Kicks Energy Gels
Adventure. That is what MuleBar claim to be all about, and judging by the range of sports and activities they are involved in, you would be hard-pushed to argue. Their ambassadors, or 'Mules' as they call them, are runners, triathletes, kite surfers, skiers, frisbee players, rock climbers and even a winemaker. Cycling is very much at the heart of this, as reflected by their sponsorship of the women's cycling team, Team MuleBar Girl.

MuleBar uses FairTrade products where possible, and are members of the '1% for the Planet' 
movement that financially supports environmental organisations. Alongside the Kicks energy gels, MuleBar also offer, as you might expect, energy bars and ReFuel protein recovery bars.

Monday, 11 November 2013

You get the picture, I'm not going to review rubbish nutrition on this blog, so it was nice to receive.....

Read the whole review here

Muscle Mule Will Dollar

 Wills a Champ' and inspiration for us Kettleball fans...

Gold - EGSA Irish Open 2012, 28kg Long Cycle - 71 reps

Gold - Welsh Open 2012, 28kg Biathlon

Gold - Scottish Open 2013, 32kg Long Cycle - 56 reps

Silver - GSU British Championships 2013, 32kg Long Cycle - 41 reps

Eyes down - Mules go orienteering....