Monday, 18 November 2013

Mules Anna and Flora update (British Sailing Team -Team Burnet Stewart)

After a biking accident and broken elbow for Flora we disappointingly missed our World and European Championships in the Summer, which was tough to get through. I’m glad to say Flora has fully recovered and we are now back on track with our training, with the 2014 World Championships firmly in our sights.

Since being back in the boat we have had a number of productive training camps, mainly in Weymouth although we recently went out to Asia. We spent 10 days in Myanmar training with the Myanmar 470 teams in the build up to the biggest event in their calendar, the South East Asian Games. Training out there was an amazing experience for us and also great to be able to spend hours on the water in a hot climate. Returning to winter in Weymouth after the 36degrees in Myanmar was a shock to the system - fortunately we don’t need to adjust to the icy water for too long!

Flora and I are about to head out to Portugal and then Gran Canaria for a training camp with 2012 Olympic silver medallists Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark. Training with the top British team and experienced Olympic campaigners is a fantastic opportunity for us to move our sailing forward as well as being a huge privilege.  We will be spending a week on the water in Portugal before heading down to Gran Canaria for the Canary Olympic Sailing week.

Our final competition in 2013 will be the International Christmas regatta in Palamos, Spain from 18-22nd December so we are hoping to lead into the new year on the back of a positive result.


"This is me eating a mule bar half way up El Capitan in Yosemite california. I'm 'freeing' El Cap via a route called Freerider. This means I'm climbing it without the use of aid techniques such as pulling on equipment to get up the cliff, in other words just using my hands and feet.
Thanks for the fuel!  "
Mule Hazel Findlay on El Capitan...