Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Ready for the SSEC

Mule Steve Day's outfit for the SSEC  fancy  dress in Ireland
Steve at ELBNO, Bullith

"Well that was a shock to the legs... Hockey Saturday morning, drive to wales, ELBNO on Saturday night and then the Scott Spring Marathon on Sunday! ELBNO was ace – 20 miles, 2600ft of climbing in under 2-hours on a singlespeed – I was well chuffed to be 11th man back too. First climb was a monster – straight up the quarry road, but what an awesome last descent – just as well it was dark so you couldn’t see the steep drop to one side of the trail . Sunday’s ride was a bit more sedate – 40 miles, including an extra climb due to a wrong turn, 5600ft climbing in 4.5 hours. I slept really well on Sunday night, but felt good to get some proper hills in to the legs. "
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