Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SSEC rocks!

Mule Steve in his rocking outfit

Mule Steve Day reports from the SSEC -

"Great time had by all at Castlewellan in NI last weekend, the sun even came out! Friday started early with the Godiva Trailriders taking over a local cafe with the best fry-up any man (or woman) could ask for – and for only a fiver with coffee top-ups too! A chilly day consisted of a blast round the castlewellan red & black route in the morning, a 60-strong group ride through the local, very hilly lanes, before dinner, beer and the night ride back round the red loop. Being in the middle of nowhere, it certainly gets very dark, giving the trails a whole new perspective, especially when pushing hard, so much so that the lead marshal gave up trying to hold the lead group back!
The main event course included some of the Castlewellan main trails plus an ace section of off-piste rocks, roots and loam. Slightly held up by the traditional hunt the bike start (the organisers take the liberty of moving everyones bike before the start!) meant that I got held up on the first lap and had to do some serious peddalling, to take back some places... who knows where I ended up in the end (I certainly don’t!)?
Roll on next year – Sicilly!"
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