Monday, 3 March 2014

Mule Neil Gresham in remote Nepal....

For many years mountaineers have visited the Himalayas to scale the highest summits, but few have explored the valleys in search of technical ice. In February 2014, Mule athlete Neil Gresham set out to explore the hidden ice treasures of the Rowaling valley, which lies above one of the highest villages on earth. Gresham aligned with a small international team consisting of Kenton Cool (UK), David Gottileb (USA) and two Nepalese athletes, Lakpa Rita and Dawa Sherpa.

The climbers set out from Kathmandu and after a day’s drive and 3 days of trekking they arrived at the village of Beding at 4000m, where they based themselves for a week. They climbed a selection of high quality cascades, including two new routes.

Gresham commented: “The Rowaling valley is the most remote place I’ve ever been ice climbing. The scenery is breathtaking and there is a fantastic range of climbs from grade 3 plods, to racey WI 6 pillars. But above all, it was a magical experience to climb ice in Nepal. Very few climbers have visited this enchanting area and I can only imagine that it will gain popularity in the future.”

Mule Rick tackles the ice in Norway...

Poor conditions, fab picture... Check out Rick's blog here
Hunza great colour combo'

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Young Mulette cheerleader Ella hones her acrobat skills

Still promoting 2012 Box Hill