Thursday, 24 April 2014

Reviews, reviews, its a week for reviews...

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Taste, consistency, energy delivered plus....

"There are three main elements that make an energy gel worth considering or rejecting: taste, consistency, energy delivered. And whilst Mulebar Kick Gels score highly on all three, as we’ll come on to, they also add a fourth consideration – ease of opening. The angled rip top on MuleBar Kick Gels is so brilliantly simple that it’s a wonder it hasn’t become industry standard (a smart patent perhaps?) and because the tab generally stays attached there’s no litter to contend with. Okay, that small but delightful nicety aside, how to the stack up in other regards?" Read on....

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Victory for Mule Jey in the EWS#1 2014 - Fantastico Jey!

1st victory for Jey in the EWS#1 2014
What an amazing race...

Let's start from the beginning! Arrived in Chili 10 days ago for the 1st Enduro World Series 2014, the new team is ready to give its best: Jérémie Reuiller the photographer / filmaker, Matteo Nati the mechanic guy, Pauline the team manager and of course Jérôme the rider!!

We arrive in Nevados De Chillan, a resort which is situated 6 hours by car from Santiago south. Staying in local Cabanas we discovered the Chilean lifestyle: having barbecue, spending time on natural hot tub, having low internet connection....! The people are welcoming and the place looks beautiful.

The practice starts on Thursday and Friday before the race week-end. We are all excited to get into our bikes again to discover the terrain. And good surprise the stages are awesome: a mix of flowy stage (N°2&4), downhill oriented stages (N°1&3&6) and pedaling one (N°5). As it is fall in Chili the colors are just amazing and beautiful and match perfectly with the dark sandy soil from the volcanic area. Jey likes it!

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After 2 days of practicing the race day 1 starts on Saturday. This year, the boys start on the opposite order of the ranking. As Jérôme has the number 1 he starts the last but he says "I think that the best because I have in front of me my rivals and the show are even more intense". And that's true because lots of spectators are in every stage to chera on the riders, crazy ambiance!

Jey's starts in good shape and finished respectively 3rd, 2nd and 6th of the first 3 stages. The time is close in between Jared Graves who won the 1st day by 11 seconds in front of Jey and Florian Nicolaï. The Battle will be hard....

Day 2 of the race gonna be tough! We start with a 1h hiking bike in the middle of fumarole and hot water coming from the volcano. The atmosphere is crazy around!

Martin Maes kills the suspense by winning the stage 4 and Jey got 2nd and gains some time precious seconds from Jared (3'). The stage 5 is extremely physical and got tight corners. Jey did well by finishing 3rd and Jared lost again 5 seconds to Jey. The last stage will be decisive for the victory in between the 2 boys…They start with 2 seconds difference!

Everybody is waited at the finish line and the suspense is huge! Fist Maes arrives, best time, then Nicolaï, best time, then Lau, best time, Enrico gets crazy! Jared arrives and Jey just after him!!

And the race is over: Jey kills it! HE WON in front of Jared by 8 seconds! BIG PARTY in the pit! Pictures, autographs, beers, cheering, congrats... crazy atmosphere!

What an amazing race.. We already ask for another one like that!

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Ready for the SSEC

Mule Steve Day's outfit for the SSEC  fancy  dress in Ireland
Steve at ELBNO, Bullith

"Well that was a shock to the legs... Hockey Saturday morning, drive to wales, ELBNO on Saturday night and then the Scott Spring Marathon on Sunday! ELBNO was ace – 20 miles, 2600ft of climbing in under 2-hours on a singlespeed – I was well chuffed to be 11th man back too. First climb was a monster – straight up the quarry road, but what an awesome last descent – just as well it was dark so you couldn’t see the steep drop to one side of the trail . Sunday’s ride was a bit more sedate – 40 miles, including an extra climb due to a wrong turn, 5600ft climbing in 4.5 hours. I slept really well on Sunday night, but felt good to get some proper hills in to the legs. "

Mule Mark, Six Marathons, Six days, its music to our ears...

Theyre off!
"Six Marathons in Six days? - Why?
Well, I have an unshakable belief that music is essential to the future health and mental wellbeing of our children and through my Crescendo Run I want to raise the profile of this issue.
Music is a considerable force in developing young people’s minds, feeding them creatively and stimulating their interest in a range of subjects, positively and vibrantly...."

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Ouch! Mule Frosty recovers..

"Ouch! How had I forgtton how unrelentingly brutal the wind, sun and terrain is on this island??? Butt kicking La Palma 1 : Me 0. Needing lots of this recovery...."  Frostys Footsteps

Attack,attack, attack....

MuleBarGirl Natalie