Friday, 6 June 2014

Roll down the Nocturne to see the Team MuleBar Girls at 8.50pm Saturday

 "It's one of the best night's of racing on the UK calendar tomorrow night, Smithfield Nocturne, London. It's free to watch, has a fantastic atmosphere and we're racing it to boot. It kicks off about 4ish with Boris bike, penny farthing, folding bike races and the like with us off at 8.50pm. If you're free it would be great to see you there and see some friendly faces in the crowd giving us a cheer! xx"

Mule twitter on tour...

Big wheels back at HQ after a 'summer' ride...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Birthday to our youngest DH Mule Laurie

On gas this year with top ten in Seniors of every National he's raced (Well that's if you include seeding at the 'Bill!)

Lovely morning for it!

MuleBar Girls on a morning cruise....