Monday, 6 October 2014

MuleBar Girl Anna Glowinski pinning it at the London Parkour ride.

Brilliant picture, wicked riding...

Jey is back in the game at the EWS

Jerome Clementz No1

Finale Ligure is the last destination of the 2014 Enduro World Series: it was an epic race! 2 days of racing, 6 stages, 90 km, and more than 2500 meters elevation were planned before reaching the finish line of the off season!

Check out the full story here on Jerome's website

Pauline also races! She is happy to finish in the top 10 ranking with 50 girls who start. A last crash on stage 6 scratch her chest but she manages to made it! "I like to spirit of riding with all the girls even if it become harder and harder! Happy to finish 9th it's a good performance for my level".